Geerpres rolls out UVairo UV-C Air Sanitizer

The Geerpres UVairo UV-C Air Sanitizer is designed to provide “an active layer of protection and confidence against airborne viruses” to ensure people are safe indoors and in shared spaces such as a doctor’s office, day care facility, restaurant or manufacturing facility. Courtesy Geerpres

A Muskegon manufacturer is introducing a new air sanitation system designed for use in shared indoor spaces.

Muskegon-based Geerpres said as part of its commitment to innovation and addressing “new cleaning protocols” in this age of COVID-19, it is rolling out an air sanitization system to help limit the spread of airborne viruses and pathogens.

The Geerpres UVairo UV-C Air Sanitizer is designed to provide “an active layer of protection and confidence against airborne viruses” to ensure people are safe indoors and in shared spaces such as a doctor’s office, day care facility, restaurant or manufacturing facility.

Through test results by Microchem Laboratory, the UVairo units were found to reduce virus particulates in the air by 96.7% within five minutes and by 99.93% in 30 minutes. After 60 minutes, 99.9993% of all airborne pathogens and viruses were found to be eliminated.

Available in three sizes, the UVairo 500, 600 or 1600, the product is designed for various-sized rooms, from 12 feet by 12 feet up to 31 feet by 31 feet.

The UVairo units draw in air and then filter and pass the air through a high-intensity UV-C light chamber, which removes harmful particulates, viruses and bacteria.

The system was put through a rigorous testing protocol to ensure optimal performance.

UV-C light sanitization technology has been used for over 15 years in various industries with proven results.

Product information for the UVairo UV-C Air Sanitizers is available online.


Founded in 1935, Geerpres is a manufacturer of janitorial and sanitation products, including stainless steel wringers, seamless buckets and EVS carts for health care facilities including hospitals, clean rooms, food service settings, education facilities and more.

More recently, the company expanded to include patented, self-dispensing microfiber applicators, disposable mops and wipes to eliminate cross-contamination.

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