Revolin Sports unveils new sustainable pickleball paddle materials

Courtesy Revolin Sports

A 2-year-old pickleball paddle manufacturer in Holland had a breakthrough in the materials it uses to make its products.

Holland-based Revolin Sports said Tuesday, Nov. 30, it is incorporating BioFLX, a natural, flax and hemp-based composite, as the sustainable material used to comprise the main surface of its Equinox brand of pickleball paddles.

The composite material is “a significant advancement in sports materials, not only for its unprecedented sustainability, but for its impact on pickleball performance,” Revolin said. BioFLX is designed to create speed, control, vibration dampening and power.

Flax and hemp fibers are environmentally friendly alternatives to synthetic fibers, with an 85% reduced carbon footprint, recyclable and derived from a renewable resource, according to Revolin.

The company’s trademarked BioFLX material combines multiple layers of fibers from hemp and flax, among the strongest plants in the world, with a specially engineered resin system to create a biocomposite face designed to be stronger than fiberglass and more forgiving than carbon fiber, and which removes the vibrations that commonly cause tennis elbow, Revolin said.

“Advanced materials are used in equipment to heighten performance across dozens of sports, but there is nothing better than giving athletes the tools they need to succeed, while also being kind to the Earth,” said Hugh Davis, founder of Revolin Sports. “I’ve competed in pickleball for nearly a decade, and ultimately, that’s why we’re in the game, to innovate the sport that we love and empower other players with better-performing, more sustainable equipment.”

The Equinox is a USA Pickleball-approved pickleball paddle. Every paddle is designed, manufactured and assembled in West Michigan, and each paddle features the BioFLX flax/hemp-based composite face.

Revolin Equinox paddles are available to purchase online in Classic and Reach dimensions, as well as light- and mid-weights, starting at $144.99.

Revolin Sports

Founded in 2019, Revolin Sports is a sports equipment manufacturer and active lifestyle company currently focused on the fast-growing pickleball market with a commitment to sustainability.

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