SoundOff Signal enters fire apparatus market

SoundOff Signal's mpower 6x1 ORV light kit Courtesy SoundOff Signal

A local maker of safety lighting designed its first products for the fire apparatus market.

Hudsonville-based SoundOff Signal — a manufacturer of vehicle lighting, control systems and electronic warning solutions for the law enforcement, amber, and government markets — said last month it created its first products for the fire apparatus market with additions to its mpower silicone lights and Lightbar product lines.

The company said the move to the fire market was “a natural next step.”

“This is truly exciting for SoundOff to offer the fire market our full line of products that improve first responder’s safety. We’ve become known as an innovation and safety advocate leader in the police market, and now, we intend to help protect our fire first responders with that same level of care,” said Mark Litke, president and CEO of SoundOff Signal.

The mpower line of products features an optical-grade silicone lens. In this line expansion, mpower perimeter lights are available in 7×3 and 6×4 configurations. As with the entire mpower light platform, they are designed to be durable, versatile and have brighter light output, as well as a 10-year warranty on the lens material. These lights, along with the 9×7 perimeter light, also will be available in polycarbonate lens for those looking for a more traditional style.

In addition to the perimeter lights, the new nFUSE lightbar is being introduced to the market and offers high light output, numerous configurations and cost-effective options. It will be available in single and dual-stack forms and lengths to fit a small truck up to a full-size apparatus.

All new products designed for the fire market will be compatible with SoundOff’s bluePRINT controls systems.

“We are inspired by this market — one that so closely echoes our own corporate values of hard work and innovation,” said Drew Radtke, vice president of sales for SoundOff Signal. “We believe SoundOff is really going to strike a chord with these distributors and first responders. We know the fire community is looking for products that push their industry forward in safety, efficiencies and durability, and we are proud of our team for answering this call.”

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