SoundOff Signal signs partnership deal

Founded in 1971, SoundOff Signal is a manufacturer of vehicle lighting and control safety solutions serving a wide range of customers globally. Courtesy SoundOff Signal

A local maker of vehicle lighting and control systems has a new technology partner in Ireland.

Hudsonville-based SoundOff Signal said it signed a joint development and distribution partnership with Tullamore, Ireland-based ACETECH, a vehicle intelligence and fleet management company.

The partnership will allow ACETECH and SoundOff Signal to “bring new innovation to intelligent controls solutions for the police, fire, emergency medical services (EMS) and amber markets,” the companies said.

“This technology partnership just makes sense for both SoundOff and ACETECH,” said Doug Baker, chief innovation officer for SoundOff Signal. “The technologies available through SoundOff and ACETECH complement each other and will allow us to accelerate our ability to bring advanced control systems to our traditional markets. It will rapidly benefit our customers by leveraging the depth and best-in-class products and technology, making way for next generation secure connectivity capabilities to meet each market’s rapidly-changing safety, efficiency and performance needs.”

Martin Minnock, chief technology officer at ACETECH, called the partnership an “exciting development.”

“The opportunity for the two organizations to collaborate on integrated control and vehicle intelligence systems is remarkable and will bring positive, real-world benefits to all our customers,” he said.

The specifics of what products the deal will produce have yet to be released, but the partners said planning work has begun.

“On the distribution side, this partnership will allow SoundOff Signal to multiply its sales forces and customer support to provide complete system solutions globally,” said Drew Radtke, vice president of sales at SoundOff Signal.

Tim Schroeder, director of U.S. operations for ACETECH, added: “Our two companies share a passion to provide high-quality, high-innovation products to the first-responder community. The SoundOff Signal-ACETECH relationship creates an innovation platform unparalleled in the industry. We are really looking forward to showcasing the results of this collaboration.”


Founded in 2006, ACETECH offers cloud-based vehicle intelligence solutions, including fleet management software, specialist safety and eco-friendly modules, and intelligent electronic control units for the emergency fleet market. The privately held company has clients in over 50 countries with regional offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

SoundOff Signal

Founded in 1971, SoundOff Signal is a manufacturer of vehicle lighting and control safety solutions serving a wide range of customers globally.

Its products include sirens, speakers and switches that are used in emergency, amber and government vehicles.

SoundOff Signal has about 400 employees at its campus in Hudsonville.

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