TSM selects Herman Miller’s Embody chair for esports players


A professional esports organization in California signed an exclusive provider deal with Herman Miller and Logitech G to make their ergonomic gaming chair the official chair for its players.

Los Angeles-based TSM said last week that it selected the Embody Gaming Chair — designed in a previously reported partnership between Zeeland-based Herman Miller and Logitech G, a brand of Lausanne, Switzerland-based Logitech International — to be used by TSM’s elite pro players as they practice and compete in the TSM Performance Center.

The ergonomic chair was designed using feedback from TSM and other esports players over two years.

“Prior to the in-depth research we did, we knew many gamers loved our current offering, as we are constantly rated highly in almost every gamer product review. The main feedback we received was they wanted more variety,” said Tim Straker, chief marketing officer for Herman Miller.

Gamers specifically wanted a chair that was able to fit their individual anatomy and body type and that valued function over aesthetics, as sitting in the wrong kind of chair can not only be the difference between winning and losing, it can also cause physical injury.

“This … convinced us that we needed to modify a current offering to improve lower back support, increase forward leaning, provide a greater ability to swivel and better adjustments for tables and monitors,” Straker said. “The Embody Chair set the benchmark for pressure distribution, natural alignment and support for healthy movement, so it was the perfect choice to be modified to meet these needs.”

Last week, Herman Miller and Logitech G unveiled a series of high-performance gaming furniture and accessories, including the modified Embody chair for gaming.

“Ensuring that the chair we use is comfortable, offers proper support and helps us play at optimal performance is critical to our success. We only use the best products when we play, and the Embody is no exception,” said Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, League of Legends player and partial owner of TSM’s League of Legends team.

Leena Xu, president of esports at TSM, said the Embody chair is appealing for its flexibility.

“It may not be apparent but using the right gaming chair is critical to a player’s performance and success. The Embody Gaming Chair can meet the specific individual needs of each of our players, which absolutely makes a difference when it comes to their gameplay. We designed and built the TSM Performance Center to be the facility of the future, and the Embody chair is an essential part of the health- and wellness-focused environment we created for our players.”

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