Marketing agency adds two employees to meet digital marketing demand

Kort Rantala Courtesy 1 Bold Step

Grand Rapids-based marketing agency 1 Bold Step expanded its staff in hiring Rob Costie and Kort Rantala, almost doubling the agency’s size.

Rantala was named the agency’s account manager last month. He helps oversee client relationships and marketing objectives.

Costie joined the team in August as its digital campaign manager. He runs and analyzes client campaigns as advertising needs continued to grow.

“Rob was a crucial addition to our team to meet the needs of our clients and help them shift their budgets from traditional spending on things like trade shows to virtual and digital strategies,” said Adam Clarke, president of 1 Bold Step. “Combining his expertise with that of our Operations Coordinator Danielle Fedel, we hit a real stride.”

Rob Costie Courtesy 1 Bold Step

Rantala and Costie were hired in response to the increased demand for digital marketing as businesses were suddenly forced to go virtual. The agency saw inquiries triple as quarantines extended because of COVID-19.

“A monumental shift toward digital experiences happened after the lockdowns and social distancing, as we all experienced,” said Jennifer Jurgens, CEO of 1 Bold Step. “After the initial shock, businesses saw that they needed to regroup and regroup fast. With the tools and strategies, we’ve been developing for years, our team was positioned to respond quickly and help organizations optimize their online presence.”

1 Bold Step also includes marketing consultant Steve Frazee and an internship program that rotates every semester.

“We are all looking forward to the world going back to normal,” Clarke said. “We can’t ignore that it’s changed though. One thing is certain in our eyes, the world is more digital — from working from home, to family get-togethers to marketing strategies. It might take some adjusting for it all to settle in, but 1 Bold Step is here and ready to respond and help organizations adapt.”

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