Marketing agency creates new role, expands staff

April Stevens Courtesy 1 Bold Step

1 Bold Step, a Grand Rapids-based marketing agency, welcomed April Stevens, who will serve as the firm’s digital content producer.

In her role, which began last month, Stevens helps to create digital and social media content for the agency and its clients through interviews, research, case studies and more.

The position was created to meet the expanded workload that 1 Bold Step saw as the pandemic persists and the need for quality digital content increases.

“April is a crucial addition to our team to help meet some of the more creative needs of our clients,” said Adam Clarke, president of 1 Bold Step. “With the volume of written work and research that we’re seeing, it was time to bring on someone to focus on that. Combining April’s expertise with the rest of the team elevates our ability to generate more demand for our clients’ products and services.

“The world has had to adopt digital strategies quickly this past year, and storytelling and educational content is a huge piece of that change. It seems all digital strategies revolve around useful and good content to help companies grow. We’re excited about this trend, and 1 Bold Step is here and ready to respond to help organizations adapt and to tell their stories.”

Stevens was previously a digital content producer for 13 ON YOUR SIDE in Grand Rapids and a regular contributor to the bi-monthly magazine West Michigan Woman.

“’People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it,’ is a Simon Sinek quote that is the basis of our content strategy work,” said Jennifer Jurgens, CEO of 1 Bold Step. Most visionary leaders know why they started their business, but few are able to succinctly articulate that story. And that’s where we saw a gap to be filled.

“April is a born storyteller, and she’s an investigator who knows how to pull the real story out of someone’s head and put it to paper in a clear and understandable way. When you combine her perspective and skills with the digital and inbound content strategies we’ve been developing for years, we’re able to best optimize a client’s online presence.”

In addition to Stevens, 1 Bold Step added Rob Costie as its digital campaign manager in August 2020 and Kort Rantala as its account manager in January.

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