Mary Kline and Amy Ritsema jump-start corporate fitness


Mary Kline.

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Mary Kline and Amy Ritsema, the owners of OnSite Wellness, have been involved in corporate fitness since the 1990s.

Like its name implies, OnSite Wellness implements programs within Michigan companies to improve the health of their employees and reduce health care costs.

“We have endured economic downturns and have continued to provide wellness services to improve health and productivity,” Kline said.

Stepping out 

Amy Ritsema
Amy Ritsema.

Originally, both Kline and Ritsema worked directly for a West Michigan employer delivering wellness programs to its employees and families.

They then started a wellness department for a health care company, which was eventually spun off to create OnSite Wellness LLC.

“Some of our clients date back to 2002, even though OnSite Wellness was not technically founded until 2006,” Kline said.

That loyalty is evident in the firm’s growth curve over the past several years.


OnSite Wellness started with half a dozen clients and just Kline and Ritsema as employees.

Today, the firm has more than 30 clients and 18 employees.

“The key to OSW’s success is our people,” Kline said. “Our staff is a fun and caring group who connect with our clients’ employees and families to build relationships and promote healthy lifestyles.”

Kline and Ritsema also practice what they preach.

Both are certified worksite wellness program consultants and are active in sports and recreation in their personal lives. Ritsema even occasionally participates in half marathons.

OnSite Wellness was nominated in the $1.49 million and below revenue category.

The judges commented on Kline’s documentation, indicating the business is very strong and evidenced by double-digit growth.

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