Medical device company partners with contract manufacturer


An employee works at a plant run by MediSurge, a contract manufacturer of medical devices. Courtesy MediSurge

A local medical device company is partnering with a contract medical manufacturer to increase its product lines and reduce its time to market.

Grand Rapids-based INRAD and MediSurge, part of Grand Rapids-based Alliant Enterprises, said last week that they'll work together.

MediSurge will now take over all manufacturing of INRAD’s product lines. Previously, INRAD manufactured all of its own products.

The new partnership will allow INRAD to expand its portfolio and bring new products to the market faster. INRAD is currently receiving product ideas from radiologists around the country and has licensed technology from the University of Michigan for a product in the surgical market.

INRAD has also received a number of patents and developed products within the biopsy arena, such as needles for breast, prostate, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, lymph nodes and biopsy accessories.

In 2006, the company sold off some intellectual property and used the funds to re-invest in product development.

INRAD’s partnership with MediSurge will also allow the company to realize cost savings through MediSurge’s expertise in manufacturing.

“This partnership will allow us to bring world-class products here for development, while taking advantage of MediSurge’s lean manufacturing processes,” said Steve Field, president, INRAD. “We anticipate doubling our sales over the next three years, as we expand our product offerings and find additional efficiencies in the manufacturing process.”

As part of the alliance, MediSurge will hire current INRAD manufacturing staff, including operators, a quality-assurance technician and a manufacturing engineer.

Dan Byers, general manager at MediSurge, said the company focuses on saving money through its "streamlined manufacturing process, expedited manufacturing lead times and lean principles.”

“We get creative on taking the cost out of the entire supply chain,” Byers said.

MediSurge is an ISO 13485 contract manufacturer, which means its manufacturing quality meets the requirements of medical devices set by the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO.


INRAD is a developer and distributor of medical devices.

Its products are developed in conjunction with and for use by medical professionals, with a focus on improving effectiveness and patient care.


MediSurge said it "finds value and shares 50 percent of the results" with its contract manufacturing customers, through continuous improvement, lean manufacturing processes and cost-saving measures.

Alliant Enterprises

Alliant Enterprises, founded in 2002, is the umbrella company for MediSurge, Surge Cardiovascular and Alliant Healthcare Products.

The company focuses on designing, manufacturing and marketing medical devices for health care markets in the U.S. and internationally.

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