Meijer Gardens produces all-Japanese exhibit for ArtPrize


"TWINS — for Maple in Minneapolis" by Naoto Nakata. Courtesy Meijer Gardens

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park will be the first "all-national" venue in ArtPrize history.

Meijer Gardens said last week it will host 25 Japanese sculptures during its exhibit “Tradition and Innovation: Japanese Ceramics Now.”

The exhibit begins Friday and runs through Jan. 3, when it will go on tour in Japan.

It will be free during ArtPrize, which runs Sept. 23-Oct. 11.

The exhibit is co-curated by Meijer Gardens and the Shigaraki Museum and Culture Park in Japan. Eight experts and two Meijer Gardens representatives narrowed down 300 submissions from artists across Japan to 25 pieces.

“The integrity and diversity of objects in this exhibition is nothing short of extraordinary,” said Joseph Becherer, chief curator and VP of exhibitions and collections, Meijer Gardens. “Conceptually and formally, every object reflects the evolving world of Japanese ceramics.”

On Sept. 27, Becherer will lead a gallery walk at 7 p.m. “for the inside scoop on the exhibition.”

Laurene Grunwald, Meijer Gardens’ director of sculpture, exhibitions and installations, will discuss her thoughts on the exhibit during a presentation scheduled for noon on Oct. 7.

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