Metal fabricator shuffles leadership


The DeWys Manufacturing leadership team: C.T. Martin, left, president/owner; Jon DeWys, CEO/owner; Mark Schoenborn, COO. Courtesy DeWys Manufacturing

A metal fabricator that provides services to more than 160 clients across the U.S. has made several changes to its leadership and introduced a new position.

DeWys Manufacturing in Marne, northwest of Grand Rapids, said this week that three of its leaders have moved into new roles within the company.

Leadership positions

Jon DeWys, who is an owner of the company, has transitioned from president to CEO. The new role will allow him to spend more time working “on the business rather than in the business.” He will now be more involved with the community, “continuing to improve the talent pipeline, as well as increase brand awareness.”

C.T. Martin, who is also an owner of the company, has moved from vice president into the role of president. He will be taking over day-to-day business operations, as well as increasing sales and capacity for the company.

Mark Schoenborn has moved into the newly created position of chief operating officer. Along with managing materials, finances and customer service, he will work closely with DeWys and Martin to ensure daily business operations at DeWys Manufacturing continue to run efficiently.

The change in leadership structure was undergone in an effort to “ensure DeWys Manufacturing continues to grow in the future.”

The new setup is expected to be “beneficial for focusing on internal and external needs of the business.”

Metal fabrication

DeWys Manufacturing offers a range of precision sheet metal fabrication capabilities: laser cutting; turret punching; bending and forming; hardware insertion; robotic welding; machining; powder coating; and product assembly.

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