Metal parts supplier invests $1M in expansion, 38 jobs


Harloff Manufacturing in Paw Paw makes grease filter and custom metal roll form products. Photo via

A maker of grease filters and metal roll form products is relocating its recently acquired New York-based operations to the region and pursuing new markets.

Harloff Manufacturing Company in the village of Paw Paw, west of Kalamazoo, plans to acquire an existing facility in Paw Paw, at 828 Duo Tang Rd., investing nearly $1 million and creating 38 jobs, according to the state’s marketing arm, the Michigan Economic Development Corp., or MEDC, yesterday.

The decision will allow Harloff Manufacturing to relocate the operations of Trine Corporation in the Bronx, N.Y., which it recently purchased.

Harloff Manufacturing also considered moving the acquired operations to Charlotte, N.C., Fort Wayne, Ind. or remaining in New York.

New markets

Harloff Manufacturing has made custom and proprietary metal roll form products for more than 34 years, with primary product lines serving industrial distribution markets and consumer food and restaurant supply.

The acquired Paw Paw space will allow the company to serve new markets, such as recreational vehicles, appliances, furniture, automotive, fire protection doors and other hardware applications, according to an MEDC memo.


Due to an estimated moving expense of approximately $190,000 and a higher utility and labor cost in the Michigan market, Harloff Manufacturing was awarded a $158,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant for the expansion, the MEDC memo says.

The village of Paw Paw is also providing the use of municipal facilities and staff time at no cost to Harloff Manufacturing. 

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