Michigan Health Connect signs up 422 practices


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More than 1,000 physicians in 422 practices across Michigan have joined Michigan Health Connect, which uses Medicity’s iNexx Referrals app to automate delivery of health care referrals for patients, according to an announcement by the Salt Lake City software company.

 “The iNexx Referrals app eliminates a significant workflow bottleneck for physician practices,” said Doug Dietzman, executive director of Michigan Health Connect. “It gets rid of the manual process of completing a paper referral form, faxing it and then trading calls with the other physician’s office to make sure it arrived.

“Perhaps most important for patients, the automated system guarantees that their complete medical information and test results arrive in a timely manner,” Dietzman said.

The app is provided free to physician practices.

Primary care physicians and specialists are sending approximately 4,000 referrals per month using this process, according to Medicity.

The 422 physician practices that have joined Michigan Health Connect are located in 76 cities and 32 counties, ranging from Grand Rapids and Muskegon on the west side of the state to Port Huron on the east. They represent more than 1,000 physicians and 242 specialties.

Michigan Health Connect is a nonprofit regional health information organization, the largest one in Michigan, which facilitates and manages health information exchange services in the state. It was founded in Grand Rapids in 2009 by Spectrum Health, Trinity Health and Metro Health. MHC serves 55 hospitals, 1,265 medical offices and more than 4,000 individual health care providers statewide. The nationally recognized, community-based organization works to enhance patient care by improving access to timely, secure clinical information while streamlining administrative functions for providers. For more information see www.michiganhealthconnect.org.

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