Mobile cuisine startup program helps food trucks get on the road


What the Truck is associated with The Winchester. Image via

The Michigan Economic Development Corp. recently issued a request for proposals to help get more food trucks on the road in Michigan.

The Mobile Cuisine Start Up Program will offer qualifying businesses up to $10,000 to fund a portion of the startup costs incurred by creating a registered, for-profit mobile cuisine business. Applicants must be able to match the funds received with a minimum of 25 percent. The program has $100,000 in total funding.

New food trucks and food carts are eligible for the program, as are pre-existing businesses, such as a restaurant that is expanding by adding a food truck or cart, and already existing businesses that are expanding by adding an additional food truck or cart.

Besides helping to start new businesses, an increase in food trucks is expected to increase pedestrian traffic in downtowns and traditional commercial cores and help communities create a sense of place.

Proposals are due by electronic submission on July 1 and the program expects to announce recipients on or around July 28. For more information visit Michigan Advantage

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