Montello Meat Market moves to Downtown Market


Montello Meat Market is co-owned by Tina Larson, left, and Tony Larson. Photo via

Montello Meat Market is the latest vendor to announce that it will join Downtown Market's indoor Market Hall, which will open later this summer.

The old world, family owned butchery plans to relocate its primary production facility from Holland to the Market space.

A new gourmet food truck featuring fresh and frozen cuts of meats will service the company's legacy customer base along the Lakeshore following the move.

“The promise of the Downtown Market is to establish a dynamic hub for the West Michigan food system and begins by having all parts of a meal under one roof,” said Tony Larson, who co-owns Montello Meat Market with Tina Larson. “The Montello’s philosophy is to bring extremely high-quality local meats to local tables, a vision that ties in perfectly with Downtown Market’s mission. We find that incredibly exciting.”

For more than ten years, Montello has featured Michigan raised, dry-aged beef and specializes in hand stuffed, original recipe brats and sausages, as well as free-range chicken and locally raised pork, lamb and veal.

“The Market Hall is designed to be a year-round hub of local food innovation and healthy-living education and distinct from larger supermarkets will be right-before-your-eyes preparation, which includes butchering and preparing meats,” said Mimi Fritz, president and CEO of Downtown Market. “You know the difference between a store-bought steak versus a Montello’s as soon as you bite into it. That quality and freshness will be front and center inside our Market Hall.”

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