National Christian Foundation West Michigan links to $4B network of giving


The four billionth grant dollar sent out by the National Christian Foundation came from altruistic Michigan pockets.

That dollar was part of a grant that was recommended by a group of givers in Midland, through their Grounds for a Better World Giving Fund, and went to AFCM International.

AFCM plans to use the donations to fund an orphanage in Thailand that houses and educates children rescued from sex trafficking.

The grant was made through NCF’s Eastern Michigan office in Birmingham.

“Over the past 30 years, we have worked to build a foundation to help simplify giving and multiply the impact,” said NCF President David Wills. “This is just the latest milestone in the modern day Christian generosity movement, and we’re excited to play a part in this historic time of giving.”

West Michigan giving

NCF, a Georgia based Christian grant-making foundation started in 1982, reached the $4-billion milestone with help from its West Michigan office in Ada.

Jamie Kuiper, president of NCF West Michigan, said, “West Michigan has played an important role in reaching this milestone. We are blessed to serve in a community with many generous families.”

“Giving is a way of life for the people we serve,” added Kuiper. “When a generous family has the tools available to them that NCF offers, great things can happen.”

NCF’s West Michigan office is its third largest in the country and serves about 350 Michigan families, who gave $36 million to NCF in 2012 and specifically recommended grants totaling more than $31 million.

Business owners are a sweet spot for NCF West Michigan, and many make gifts through appreciated assets, a piece of real estate or stock in their companies.

In its first 12 years, NCF West Michigan has taken in $243 million and given out $137 million.

“Much of it stays local in that most of our givers are funding the church they attend and local West Michigan ministries, like Salvation Army or Bethany Christian Services,” said Randy Veltkamp, CEO of NCF West Michigan. 

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