New Holland Brewing partners with Dirty Water Beer


New Holland Brewing Co. and Dirty Water Beer will partner to brew Belgian Brown Ale. Image via

Another West Michigan brewery is teaming up with an organization in an attempt to better the world’s water supply.

New Holland Brewing Co. is collaborating with Dirty Water Beer to brew a batch of beer to raise money for This could be the first in a series of beers.

The project’s goal is to help ensure everyone has access to clean, drinkable water.

The beer will be a Belgian Brown Ale and be released today in the Holland taproom.

Every keg sold is equal to clean water for life for one person.

The idea

Dirty Water Beer was founded by Hope College graduate Travis Rookes.

The idea began as a Start Garden submission last year. The idea is to pair with different breweries for special batches with proceeds going to

“As a Hope graduate, beer lover and businessman — what Travis is trying to accomplish speaks to me. New Holland has had a long history of supporting clean water. It’s exciting to see another generation looking for creative solutions to solve big problems,” New Holland President Brett VanderKamp said.

“Water is one of those world problems that is baffling. The struggles that individuals go through on a daily basis to get potable water are mind-numbing,” Rooke said. “It’s been amazing working with New Holland Brewing Co., who has the same sense of community as Dirty Water Beer. They have helped shoulder the responsibility of providing clean water to others. Their Dirty Water Beer is yet another world-class New Holland brew that can impact our neighbors thousands of miles away.”

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