New Holland spirits extends reach to Pacific Northwest

New Holland spirits extends reach to Pacific Northwest

New Holland Artisan Spirits makes craft liquor, such as its Beer Barrel Bourbon. Image via

New Holland Artisan Spirits will expand its distribution to the Pacific Northwest this month with its release of Knickerbocker Gin and Beer Barrel Bourbon in Oregon.

The spin-off of New Holland Brewing Co. launches into Oregon, a hotbed of spirit activity, this week, according to a statement from the company.

“There is a spirits and cocktail renaissance happening in our country and Oregon is on the cutting edge,” said Rich Blair, New Holland’s national spirits sales manager. “Gone are the days of hiding spirits in sickeningly sweet manufactured mixers. Because of the craft spirit movement, we are seeing people searching for flavor profiles and developing more educated palates. It’s what craft beer did for the brewing industry — introducing artfully developed flavor profiles to what had once been a very bland beverage landscape.”

The launch will include the Northwest Spirit and Mixology Show in Bend, Ore., where Blair will discuss spirits and summer cocktails.

Most of New Holland’s distribution network is in the Midwest, but the spirit hotbed of Oregon was a natural fit for the company.

“We do important work, creating drinks that elevate everyday occasions into unique experiences,” said Brett VanderKamp, New Holland founder and president. “For over 15 years we’ve been engaged in the ultimate art project. When audiences in Oregon — one of the country’s great spirit scenes — taste what we create, we really believe it will change the understanding of what spirits can be.” 

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