NFL player authors book: ‘It’s Not Because I’m Better Than You!’


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A Grand Rapids native and National Football League player is returning home to publicize his new book.

Don Carey, a seven-year member of the Detroit Lions, also is the author of a new book, “It’s Not Because I’m Better Than You.”

Carey’s book is about how he made it to the NFL through hard work.

Carey will meet fans and talk about his book during a free event from 3-5 p.m. on Saturday in Grand Rapids, at the LifeQuest Urban Outreach Center, at 1050 Fisk St. SE.

In addition to selling his book, he also will speak at the event, which will be hosted by Grand C.I.T.Y. Sports, a nonprofit that supports the development of at-risk youth through sports education.

Carey spent much of his career with the Lions, but he recently announced he will be joining the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is a safety and special teams player.

Information will be available on the Grand C.I.T.Y. Sports website for individuals who would like to purchase the book at a later date.

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