Nonprofit donating water filters to hurricane survivors


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A local nonprofit that works to improve access to clean water is delivering water filters to survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

Grand Rapids-based Connect for Water is partnering with organizations like 20 Liters and the Red Cross to deliver the filters.

Connect for Water hopes to initially deliver 1,000 water filters with a broader goal of distributing as many as 50,000.

“We already have numerous donors, corporations and other nonprofits supporting us due to our immediate inventory, on-the-ground access and local distribution partners that will allow us to get these in people’s hands as soon as this weekend,” said Jereme Lambert, executive director of Connect for Water. “Our filters provide a sustainable, clean and safe solution to those who might not otherwise have access to consumable water.”

The nonprofit said it delivered 150,000 water filters to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

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