Nonprofit elects board leadership


Dallas Lenear. Courtesy Guiding Light

A faith-based nonprofit in Grand Rapids has announced changes to its board of directors.

Guiding Light elected Ed Postma to the role of chair. Postma replaces outgoing chair Shawn Merritt.

John Harrington will take Postma’s role as vice chair, and Brad Mathis will move from director to at-large executive chair.

Peter Albertini and John Dice will stay in their roles as secretary and treasurer.

The nonprofit also said Dawn Buursma, Harvey Koning, Andy Odehnal, Rev. Tim Wilson and Dallas Lenear are joining the board as directors.

All board members serve two-year terms.

Stuart Ray, Guiding Light’s executive director, said he looks forward to working with the new board and “seeing what the future holds for our organization.”

Guiding Light provides a 90-day Back-to-Work Program and a four-to-six month Addiction Recovery Program for men.

Guiding Light board

Ed Postma, chair, consultant

John Harrington, vice chair, Harrington & Associates

John Dice, treasurer, Macatawa Bank

Peter Albertini, secretary, Albertini Realty Group

Brad Mathis, at-large executive chair, Rockford Construction

Rev. Nancy Claus, director, Porter Hills

G. Robert DeYoung, director, Trinity Health

Dawn Buursma, director, Homestead Realty

Rev. Tim Wilson, director, South Harbor Church

Harvey Koning, director, Varnum

Andy Odehnal, director, Triangle Consulting

Dallas Lenear, director, Genesis Consulting

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