Nonprofit grows into new home


Family Promise of Grand Rapids is a nonprofit that helps homeless families out of its 10,000-square-foot space in southeast Grand Rapids. Courtesy Family Promise

A nonprofit devoted to helping homeless families has found a bigger home in town.

Seeking space

Family Promise of Grand Rapids moved out of its 3,000-square-foot home in Grand Rapids, at 906 S. Division Ave., last month and into its new 10,000-square-foot home in the city, at 516 Cherry St. SE.

The nonprofit unveiled its new space this morning, as well as a $2-million fundraising campaign called "A Journey Home."

The move was necessary, because Family Promise was looking to increase its space capacity, said Cheryl Schuch, executive director of the nonprofit.

Five years ago, Family Promise was serving five families at a time, and today, it has more than 60 families in its programs at any time.

The old location was limited in its size, creating problems with privacy for families and offering no outdoor play space for children, limited parking for families and volunteers and was not accessible for families and volunteers with disabilities.

The new space has plenty of room for everyone, Schuch said.


Before moving into its new location, Family Promise of Grand Rapids completed a $330,000 renovation on the first and second floors of its new home.

The nonprofit worked with architecture firm Progressive AE in Grand Rapids and contractor a.j. Veneklasen in Grand Rapids, along with many subcontractors "who gave of their time and talent to help make this news space affordable and top-notch," Schuch said.

“They did wonderful work,” Schuch said.

The first floor was remodeled to be the family Day Center, while the second floor is for administration, volunteer project space and family meeting space for Family Promise’s Aftercare and Partners in Housing programs. 

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