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The proceeds from Bethany’s Thrift Store in Kentwood will go toward helping the nonprofit Bethany Christian Services serve local clients. Courtesy Wolverine Building Group

A local general contractor has completed a project for a brand new retail outlet in Kentwood — and the goal of the spacious store certainly meets the spirit of the holiday season.

Mission-based retail

Grand Rapids-based Wolverine Building Group recently finished the renovation of a 17,000-square-foot warehouse into the first ever Bethany’s Thrift Store, which is owned by Bethany Christian Services.

Bethany’s Thrift Store is located at 2820 29th St. SE, just west of Breton Road. The store’s location was chosen because of its proximity to many of Bethany’s clients.

Bethany Christian Services is a nonprofit organization that serves children and families in 20 countries, by providing adoption and post-adoption services, counseling, foster care and other needed resources.

The store’s grand opening was last month, and store manager Audrey Trevino said all the proceeds from Bethany’s Thrift Store will go toward helping the organization’s local clients.

Trevino, who is a former Bethany foster child and adoptee, explained that Bethany Christian Services is leaning toward using the proceeds for unfunded, or underfunded, projects such as refugee services and “other things that fall through the cracks.”

The store

Bethany’s Thrift Store features a full line of apparel.

The outlet accepts donations of gently used items, which can be dropped off at the store during business hours. Bethany’s also offers a pick-up service for large donations.

Trevino also said the store is looking for volunteers to fill four-hour retail shifts.

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