Paper supplier rolls out vitamin C-based receipts


Vitamin C-based receipt paper has a yellow hue. Courtesy Telemark Diversified Graphics

A paper supplier in the region is rolling out a line of yellow-hued receipts that are made with vitamin c instead of phenol chemicals.

Vitamin C line

As health concerns about bisphenol A, or BPA, and bisphenol S, or BPS, increase, thermal paper makers are looking for alternatives they can use to create alpha-free receipt paper.

Telemark Diversified Graphics in Sturgis, along the state's southern border, said last week that it has partnered with Appvion, a Wisconsin company that is the first company to use vitamin C in place of traditional phenol-based thermal developers like BPA, BPS or other phenol substitutes.

Telemark will assist Appvion in its ongoing rollout of alpha-free products to retailers.

Telemark services distributors with thermal paper products, including ATM paper, parking ticket paper, mobile printer paper, POS paper and more.

Vitamin C serves as an image developer in the new thermal chemistry behind the paper.

“Vitamin C is well known, well studied and used daily as a nutritional supplement by millions of Americans,” said Dave Pauly, product manager for thermal receipt paper, Appvion.

Pauly said research showed customers prefer the vitamin C alternative to other options that were presented.

“This paper will fill a need for customers who are industry visionaries, who focus on bucking industry trends, rather than shaving costs,” said Brandon Kent, vice president of sales and marketing, Telemark.

Easier to ID

Retailers and customers will be able to identify the vitamin C-based thermal paper by its signature yellow hue.

Pauly said the yellow color makes it easier for customers to identify receipts in a stack of papers.

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