Partners launch web design firm


Featherlight is a web design firm based in downtown Grand Rapids. Photo via

A local design studio has spun off a second startup offering specialized website design.

Grand Rapids-based Well Design Studio partners Tyler Doornbos and Josh Leffingwell launched Featherlight, a website creation service catering to authors and academics, last month.

“From working with several academic clients who needed a professional website, as well as for years in the self-publishing space, we learned just how much of a need there was," Doornbos said.

Doornbos said the busy schedule that tends to come with being an author or academic creates a need for professional web services in the space.

“There is a huge need for academics and authors to establish themselves as thought leaders," Leffingwell said.

Leffingwell said thought leaders can use a website by the firm to build their personal brands, by showcasing their speaking, research, consulting and more.

To differentiate Featherlight from other website-building tools like Squarespace, the partners said they created a platform that can handle the setup and daily maintenance of a site for a niche market.

Featherlight will procure customers a custom domain name, custom-designed web pages and offer consultation services to assist customers with the content of their website.

The firm also said it has been running beta tests of the platform with pilot customers.

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