Paving company wins gold for product design


A car sits at the back of a Porous Pave driveway. Courtesy Porous Pave

A maker of porous paving material featuring recycled rubber has been recognized for its product design at an international expo.

Porous Pave, which is made by Grant,-based Porous Pave, Inc., was judged a gold-level winner for product design in the 2015 IIDEXCanada Innovation Awards competition.

IIDEXCanada is considered one of the largest expositions and networking and educational events for the design, construction and real estate industries in North America.

The expo's annual awards celebrate innovation in product design and exhibit creativity.

The show, which took place Dec. 2-3 in Toronto, was co-presented by the Interior Designers of Canada, or IDC, and Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

Award competition

A panel of IDC members, who are all registered interior designers, judged product entries based on design objectives, design and technical innovation, market application and sustainability.

Entries were scored on a 0-100 scale, with gold-level awards requiring a score of at least 90.

Five of the 30 product winners, including Porous Pave, attained the gold level.

Among this year’s winners, Porous Pave was the only outdoor product for landscaping, hardscaping and on-side stormwater management applications.

Porous paving material

Porous Pave is a “highly porous,” flexible and durable pour in place, permeable pavement material consisting of recycled rubber, aggregate and a binding agent.

The product allows for water permeability of 6,300 gallons per hour, per square foot, which makes it a “superior solution for stormwater retention.”

Porous Pave was engineered with greater permeability per square foot than other permeable and pervious paving materials, according to Dave Ouwinga, president, Porous Pave, Inc.

“It can therefore achieve stormwater retention goals with smaller installations, saving money on materials and labor,” Ouwinga said.

Every 1,000 square feet of two-inch Porous Pave uses rubber recycled from 300 tires.

Porous Pave XL consists of 50 percent recycled rubber chips and 50 percent stone aggregate with a proprietary liquid binder.

“The recycled rubber in Porous Pave, processed from reclaimed scrap tires, imparts flexibility, so in contrast to concrete and asphalt, Porous Pave withstands freeze-thaw cycles without heaving or cracking,” said Jim Roth, president, Porous Pave Ontario, a Canadian distributor of the product. “The rubber content also makes it slip resistant.”

Porous Pave Ontario entered the product in the IIDEXCanada Innovation Awards competition.

Other recognition

The IIDEXCanada award was Porous Pave’s second honor last year.

BUILDINGS magazine selected Porous Pave as a 2015 “Money-Saving Product.” Porous Pave was one of the “superior building products” showcased for commercial building developers, owners and facility managers in the magazine’s June 2015 issue.

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