Pennsylvania coffee company plans factory


La Colombe says, "America deserves better coffee." Courtesy La Colombe

A coffee company based in Pennsylvania is planning to invest millions to open a plant in the region.

La Colombe purchased a 55,000-square-foot former dairy facility in Norton Shores, at 6366 Norton Center Dr., to produce its Draft Latte and Pure Black lines, which are packaged, ready-to-drink cold coffees.

La Colombe plans to also make variants of the two lines, including mocha, vanilla and triple.

“We have many new creations in the chute as well,” said Todd Carmichael, co-Founder and CEO, La Colombe. “This new plant allows us to expand our ready-to-drink products and fulfill our promise of bringing better coffee to more people across America.”

Cans of the company’s beverages are expected to be on the shelves of select Michigan retailers and nationwide by early 2017.

The plant is expected to open in November.

The factory 

The production facility stems from a need for the company to meet demand. For example, when La Colombe first launched its Draft Latte online, the company said it sold more than 10,000 cans in the first hour.

The Norton Shores facility gives the company close proximity to “an abundance of fresh, raw milk for use in Draft Latte production,” Carmichael said.

La Colombe is expected to invest $1.4 million for land and building improvements and $9.4 million for machinery and equipment, according to a City of Norton Shores memo.

The memo says the project is expected to retain or create 39 full-time jobs.

La Colombe is seeking a 12 year, 50-percent tax abatement on the property. The first year, the city would receive $29,935, while abating the same amount, the memo says.

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