Personal chef authors canning cookbook

Personal chef authors canning cookbook

Diane Devereaux, "The Canning Diva," poses for a shot with her new cookbook, "Canning Full Circle." Photo via

A local food-preservation expert and culinary instructor has written a book on canning and cooking with preserved food.

“Canning Full Circle: From Garden to Jar to Table,” by Diane Devereaux, was released this month.

The book is being sold in select bookstores and online.

Known as “The Canning Diva,” Devereaux aims to demonstrate in her book how "easy, fun and rewarding" home-canning can be, and she shares how to cook with canned goods after they’re sealed and shelved.

“I decided to write a cookbook, because I struggled to find ways in which to connect the canning recipe to the how-to-use recipe,” Devereaux said. “Most canning cookbooks focus strictly on the canning recipe, but they forget about the eating enjoyment.”

“Canning Full Circle” includes more than 100 illustrated home-tested recipes and tips.

Devereaux shares the essentials of a well-stocked pantry year-round and how to incorporate home-canned goods into everyday life — "not just during canning season."

Devereaux’s background

Devereaux is also a television presenter and host on The Survival Mom Radio Network.

She founded her home-canning and food-preservation website and teaching program in 2012.

Devereaux received a personal chef certification from Grand Rapids Community College’s Secchia Institute for Culinary Education in 2014.

In 2001, Devereaux earned a B.S. from Davenport University in international business with an emphasis in marketing, import/export, statistics and economics.

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