PR firm celebrates nine years with new office space

PR firm celebrates nine years with new office space

The move to 38 Commerce kept Clark Communications in the Heartside neighborhood. Courtesy Clark Communicatons

After nine years of co-working spaces, Craig Clark, owner of public relations firm Clark Communications, has signed a long-term lease on an office space in the 38 Commerce building.

“It was really time,” Clark said. “As my firm continues to grow, I need to not only look at the client side and how we service our clients, but also the structure of the organization itself in providing the infrastructure, the physical space, for my current team as well as provide adequate infrastructure and space for future growth.

“I really looked at what environment I’ve been in, which has always been very flexible and nimble for my small team. Now, as I’ve hired my second employee and begin to explore strategic partnerships and potential additional staff in 2014, I felt it time to define my space and allow the firm to grow into that instead of having to work within the surroundings that have been given to me in these co-working spaces.”

He noted that a level of privacy has become more important to him as a business owner, too, and he is looking forward to having his own office.

Flexibility and nimbleness remain key factors for his team, however, and Clark said the 38 Commerce space offered the feeling he was looking for — with some added privacy.

The 1,100-square-foot space will include two closed offices, an open reception area, space for two or three workstations, a kitchenette and a flex space, which Clark said could be used for meetings, a place to eat lunch, or for other activities.

Space was less of a concern for staff, however, who will continue to work remotely on a regular basis from home, or work onsite with clients.

“In our industry, we need a cell phone, a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, so we don’t have the need for the physical space that I did even nine years ago when I started,” he said. “We are very mobile in how we serve our clients, so we don’t really need that brick-and-mortar space to be productive.”

At the same time, the new space will offer a nice way to meet with clients and project partners.

“We have a fair amount of colleagues that we partner with — freelance writers or an ad agency person that we are partnering with — who need to come in not only to meet but also to have a place to squat downtown for a little bit. So we will have some seating and obviously Wi-Fi that will allow that.

“Likewise, with our clients, many that are outside of downtown will come down for an Econ Club lunch or something else and then will have another meeting two hours later. We provide that space for them to sit. That helps us with relationship building — being able to have a little face time with those people.”

When selecting an office space, Clark said it was important to remain within the Heartside neighborhood, where he has a strong commitment.

“38 is still in the Heartside neighborhood so that allows me to continue to maintain that commitment. … As I bring clients and guests to the office, (it) continues to expose them to the neighborhood,” he said.

Clark Communications moved into the space at 38 Commerce last month.

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