Practice produces Depressed to 5K


The Well Being in Grand Rapids, founded in 2011, is a health care clinic that “incorporates exercise into mental health treatment.” Photo via

A health care practice is helping people fight depression through a program that combines 5K training with traditional therapy.

The Well Being, which is an outpatient behavioral health practice located in Grand Rapids, is launching the new training-and-treatment program Depressed to 5K, starting on Feb. 16.

Each member will register for and participate in the Striders 5K Classic event, taking place on April 23.

Members will get the benefit of physical exercise in treating their depression, as well as learn skills and tools based in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to better cope with depression.

The group will meet every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 p.m., over the course of 10 weeks.

The first 75 minutes of each meeting will consist of a group-therapy session, where members will learn skills and tools to help them to better cope with depression.

During the last 45 minutes of each meeting, members will participate in The Well Being’s Running Well fitness class, which will help improve their running form and efficiency.

Prior to the program’s start, members will also meet with The Well Being’s certified personal trainer for two individual personal training sessions to develop their individual 5K training plan and learn the basics of safe and effective exercise.

“Many people who are struggling with depression want to be physically active, but aren’t able to get themselves moving on their own. This program can change that,” said Brendan Kelly, co-founder, The Well Being.

Kelly said exercise is an effective way to treat depression, and he expects participants will want to continue being physically active following the program.

The total cost for the Depressed to 5K program is $350 a person.  

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