Pub Crawl moves through Rockford


Rockford Brewing Company makes beers with influences from Michigan, the U.S., Belgium, Germany and the U.K. –– and works closely with West Michigan farmers and local ingredients. Photo via

Before Rockford Brewing Co. ever opened, the residents of Rockford had an opportunity to drink its beers.

This year, Rockford Brewing will host its second-annual Thanksgiving eve pub crawl, a few days before its anniversary, from 3 p.m.-2 a.m.

Seven locations

Thirty kegs, including seven new beers, will be spread throughout seven Rockford establishments: Reds on the River, Rockford Lanes, Grill One Eleven, Rogue River Tavern, The Corner Bar, Cinco de Mayo and Rockford Brewing.

The brewery is not releasing which beers will be at which location.

The beers are being announced via fans completing various tasks for Rockford Brewing.

Only three of the new beers have been released so far, including Apple Haus Ale, Sumatra Porter and Smoove Cream Ale.

In memory of

The night will honor Robert Shoemaker, who came up with the pub crawl idea while working for the brewery’s distributor.

Shoemaker died this summer while scuba diving in the Grand River.

Shoemaker had hopes of opening a scuba shop and calling it Blackfin Outdoors. He also supported the Grand Rapids Whitewater.

One of the beers brewed for the crawl will be named Blackfin — indications point toward a Black IPA — and 50 cents from each pint sold will be donated to Grand Rapids Whitewater.

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