Pure Michigan campaign generates $1.1 billion in spending


The state’s "Pure Michigan" advertising campaign, which has featured Great Lake beaches, has attracted millions of out-of-state visitors. Photo via fb.com

The popular Pure Michigan advertising campaign continues to drive visitors to Michigan, gaining the state $1.1 billion in visitor spending during 2012.

The campaign's best year

The campaign is credited with attracting 3.8 million out-of-state visitors to Michigan in 2012, the campaign's most successful year, according to a report by Longwoods International. 

The report, which was released during this year’s Pure Michigan Conference on Tourism, which is being held in Detroit, found the Pure Michigan campaign generated 580,000 more trips to Michigan in 2012 than in 2011 — and $79.1 million in new state tax revenues were generated as a result of the $1.1 billion spent by these visitors at Michigan businesses.

“The Pure Michigan campaign plays a vital role in growing our tourism industry by consistently attracting new visitors to Michigan and delivering a strong return on investment for the state,” Governor Rick Snyder said. “These impressive results showcase the power of Pure Michigan and demonstrate the vast potential we are seeking to tap into with our efforts to expand this campaign into international markets.”

Return on investment

Pure Michigan reports that when compared to the $13.7 million spent on out-of-state advertising for the Pure Michigan campaign in 2012, the $79.1 million in tax revenue received by the state resulted in a return on investment of $5.76. The cumulative return on investment since the Pure Michigan campaign began in 2006 is now $4.10, up from $3.70.

Of the 3.8 million out-of-state visitors in 2012, 2.3 million came from the Great Lakes region and 1.5 million came from distant markets around the country. That is up from 2011, when 2 million visitors came from the Great Lakes region and 1.2 million visited from distant markets.

The 2013 ad campaign

The 2013 Pure Michigan national advertising campaign launched in March and is currently airing on more than 25 cable channels. 

The national campaign television ads — which include national partner ads from Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Mackinac Island, The Henry Ford and Traverse City — will air more than 5,000 times through June.

The total budget for the 2013 national campaign is $13 million.

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