Q&A: Nicole Rodammer


Nicole Rodammer.

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Nicole Rodammer holds a variety of roles in the community, including serving as past president/advisory board chair for Grand Rapids Young Professionals, board member at Family Outreach Center, Marketing Committee at Hello West Michigan, Governance Committee at Women’s Resource Center, founding member of Greater Grand Rapids 100 Women Who Care, as well as serving as development director for Boys & Girls Club of Grand Rapids. 

Whether she is forming strategy and discovering new ways for GRYP's 3,000+ members to network and create positive and lasting effects on their communities, or furthering Boys & Girls Clubs' causes in assisting the city's youth to achieve great things in often difficult circumstances, Nicole’s always ready to connect and inspire others.

Biggest career break? 

Getting the opportunity to work at Boys & Girls Clubs, and getting the opportunity to share the amazing story of our club members and the difference they are making in their neighbors and clubs. And just understanding the enormous part after-school programs play in the lives of our youth. It is truly powerful.

Proudest moment?

One of my proudest moments came last year at the 10-Year Anniversary Gala for GRYP.  It was amazing what a group of young volunteers, and two years of planning, could accomplish. It almost seems like a dream. Great event that continues to be successful for GRYP, which is amazing.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Just be yourself. There are going to be people that aren’t going to like you no matter what, so you might as well just be you. It is a lot less stressful that way.

How did you make your first dollar?

Well, my brother and I used to sell painted rocks to people in Eastown, but my first real job was at an ice cream parlor in Rockford.

Most treasured possession?

This is going to sound really sappy, but my kids are my most treasured possession. They are by far the best thing I have ever created, and I feel as though I can’t take any credit for their awesomeness.

Dream job? 

Being a child of the theater, I don’t think you ever lose the longing for the stage and acting. I would love to be able to do that for a living.

If I were President for a day, I would …?

First I would freak out, and then demand to fly on Air Force One. I would then eliminate Sweetest Day, as it is not a holiday. No one really likes it, and we shouldn’t need a “holiday” to love and care about each other. We should be doing that every day.

Last book you’ve read?

"City Within a City" by Todd E. Robinson

Last thing you Googled?

Vintage tailgate gear (we are getting ready for our Be Great Tailgate event)

Your worst habit?

I have A.D.D., so I get really excited and have a problem steamrolling people (interrupting cow). Not on purpose, but I just can’t keep my thoughts in anymore; otherwise, I probably will forget them.

To unwind, I like to …?

My husband is an amazing home brewer, so I always have an abundance of beer at my house, so I love to taste test. If I don’t like it, he knows it is good.

Dream vacation?

I would love to visit Ireland, but I feel I need to see a lot more stateside before traveling the globe. We have so much beauty here.

Favorite food? 

I could eat tacos every day.  I mean physically, I probably couldn’t, but I absolutely love Mexican food!

Person you most admire?

Well, I have to say my mom first and foremost. She is an amazing person, who always taught us to give back. But the person that really launched a lot of what I do today is Melissa Werkman. Whether she knows it or not, I wouldn’t be involved in any community leadership if it wasn’t for her getting nominated for a Young Athena Award. Looking around the room at their luncheon, and me saying, “I have to find a way to be as involved as these ladies.” Don’t believe I am there just yet, but hopefully getting closer.

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