Sun Title Agency offers remote notarizations

Sun Title Agency offers remote notarizations
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For those looking to close on their new property while maintaining social distancing during the state’s current shelter-in-place order, Sun Title Agency is offering new methods to finalize properties safely and legally.

Remote online notarizations have been available to obtain electronic signatures since 2018, but the process was complicated and cumbersome. Adding to this concept, Sun Title Agency created remote mobile notarization to offer clients safe options to obtain signatures quickly and efficiently while maintaining social distancing.

In the past, a notary signing agent was legally required to physically witness the signing of attested closing documents to prevent identity fraud on behalf of the buyer and seller.

“Finalizing properties during COVID-19 should not be a struggle between the need to protect our buyers and sellers and our own legal obligations,” said Lawrence Duthler, owner and president of Sun Title. “Rolling out RMN lets homeowners complete the process without physical contact. It helps them to finally move into their new spaces and more importantly, it keeps them safe.”

To use these services, buyers or sellers simply need to contact their escrow officer. Sun Title offers two versions of RMN, traditional and enhanced.

During a traditional RMN, the majority of closing documents can be signed during the virtual meeting with sellers and Sun Title experts. All the physical paperwork will be sent to the client in advance. Only a few of the documents require a notary to be physically present. The notary will meet the party at a convenient and safe location for a final signature where documents can be signed and exchanged in less than three minutes, keeping a safe distance. The notary will then take and finalize the documents.

Enhanced RMNs are similar to the traditional method with even less physical contact. After documents have been received by mail, the entire signing process occurs over a secure video session with the notary and Sun Title experts. The papers are then sent back and processed through Sun Title.

Sun Title still offers traditional closings for those people who may not have the necessary technology for RMNs. As an essential business, the office is open for clients with proper distance and CDC measures in place. Additionally, in-person meetings can help those who need it.

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