Report rates GRPD’s community engagement


Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Payne hopes data collected from the digital polling tool will lead to stronger community-police relationships. Courtesy GRPD

The city of Grand Rapids released data that details how its residents feel about the police department.

On a scale of 0 to 100, the Grand Rapids Police Department scored 68 on trust and 69 on safety.

“These preliminary scores affirm our ongoing efforts to strengthen relationships in the community and prevent and reduce crime,” Chief Eric Payne said, pointing to GRPD’s community policing model, Speed of Trust program and Youth Advisory Council, among many other initiatives. “We know we have much more work to do and we look forward to continuing to partner with residents and other community stakeholders.”

The scores were based on feedback that was collected through the Blockwise digital polling tool on the Elucd platform. It gathered feedback from residents through opt-in surveys on websites, social media applications and other digital platforms.

The survey questions included:

  • When it comes to the threat of crime, how safe do you feel in your neighborhood on a scale of 0 (not safe at all) to 10 (completely safe)?
  • Please indicate whether you agree or disagree on a scale of 0 (totally disagree) to 10 (totally agree):
    • The police in my neighborhood treat local residents with respect.
    • The police in my neighborhood listen to and take into account the concerns of local residents.
  • What is the No. 1 issue or problem on your block or in your neighborhood that you would like the police to deal with? Please be specific.

The polling also revealed that 22% of responses cited street and traffic-related concerns and 11% mentioned concerns for issues related to theft, burglary and break-ins.

With the data, the city has formulated a strategic plan that outlines three specific strategies:

  • Employ interdepartmental data-sharing and problem-solving with resident voices to gain a holistic understanding of situations taking place within the community
  • Create a process to gauge, enhance community perception
  • Elevate residents’ voices in city operations

“The Grand Rapids Police Department is a national leader in its commitment to fostering greater transparency as it works to build trust with the residents it serves,” said Michael Simon, CEO of Elucd. “By leveraging 21st century technology, Grand Rapids leaders are prioritizing hearing from everyone in their city as they improve both safety and quality of life in every neighborhood.”

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