Residents to pay more for trash disposal


With environmental concerns rising, the cost to send trash to landfills will, as well.

Kent County commissioners approved the Kent County Solid Waste Surcharge last year, and as of Jan. 1, county residents will pay haulers a surcharge of $1.68 annually for the one ton of trash an average household is expected to dispose of.

Commercial customers, or others with more trash than the average amount, will pay a surcharge of $1.68 per ton of trash.

The surcharge will be used to help monitor three closed landfills for the next 30 years, as required by state law. The landfills are in Kentwood, Sparta and Rockford. Cleanup and monitoring funds now are required to be set aside for long-term care of landfills.

Trash-hauling companies likely will send letters of explanation to customers and add the $1.68 surcharge on to customers’ bills, listed as “Kent County Solid Waste Surcharge” or “County Surcharge.”

The surcharge also will be used to properly dispose of various household chemicals and hazardous waste.

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