Restaurant app launches in Grand Rapids


The mobile app Wisely is designed to help restaurants deliver personalized service. Photo via

A mobile guest-experience app for restaurants and their customers has debuted in several markets, including Grand Rapids.

Wisely, which is made in Ann Arbor and serves the Ann Arbor market, helps restaurants enhance the guest experience by personalizing service.

Wisely said last week that its iOS and Android apps have launched in multiple other markets: Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Orlando.


Wisely lets restaurant managers know when a repeat customer arrives, allowing them to reference guest preferences and purchase history.

Following service, the app collects feedback from customers and allows for the resolution of any issues before the customer leaves the restaurant.

The app also allows for messaging to notify customers of updates, menu changes, special event invitations and more push notifications.

The consumer side of the app keeps track of loyalty progress and benefits.

Customers can earn various status levels, such as silver, gold or platinum. The restaurants customize the options based on objectives and can include perks such as priority reservations.

"Personalized" service

“Restaurants know the importance of guest experience, but there are practical barriers that prevent a consistent, personalized experience,” said Mike Vichich, CEO and co-founder, Wisely.

“For example, how many faces, names and personal preferences can a manager remember? What happens if you hire a new manager? How do you recognize regulars across multiple locations? Wisely enables a consistent guest experience despite these challenges.”

The access on both sides allows restaurants to surprise guests with special treats.

“Servers strive to make their guests happy — they enjoy it and its in their financial interest through tips,” said Vichich, a former server. “Having the ability to personalize the experience gives all parties what they want: guests have a better time, servers get tipped more and the restaurants get more frequent guests who spend more.”

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