Restaurant re-launches to more sales


RiverHouse Ada features a regional American menu and pub-like atmosphere. Photo via

A local restaurant is seeing a 200-percent increase in sales after it re-invented itself.

Bistro Chloe Elan

In August 2012, Christine Gill opened Bistro Chloe Elan in Ada in a 6,000-square-foot space, at 445 Ada Drive SE.

Gill said fifteen months in, Bistro Chloe Elan was sustainable, but it had turned into a destination that people would go to once a year for a birthday or anniversary.

The bistro was a little too “fancy” and needed to be re-branded to better identify with the neighborhood it wanted to serve.

“We had a great opportunity to understand the demographic more and figure out what the neighborhood wants and create a place that’s a little more approachable,” Gill said.

RiverHouse Ada

Bistro Chloe Elan shut its doors on April 14. Gill spent about $9,000 to renovate the space and re-opened it to a crowd of about 180 people on April 18 as RiverHouse Ada, which has a pub-like atmosphere.

Gill darkened the restaurant, added a pool table and dartboard for a more “interactive” experience and adorned the walls with photos of historic Ada.

Gill also changed the entire menu, switching from the bistro’s “new American” feel to a “regional American” style and added local craft beer from popular breweries like Founders Brewing Co., Bell’s Brewery and Brewery Vivant.

Since the re-launch, Gill said the restaurant has seen a 200-percent increase in sales.

“I just want to be successful and offer services to the neighborhood by giving them what they want,” Gill said. “The re-launch has worked successfully so far, and we’re very excited about it.”


Gill has kept all her staff and plans to hire servers, hosts, bartenders and line cooks.

Anyone who wants to apply can visit the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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