Chow Hound launches online shopping


Chow Hound Pet Supplies launched an e-commerce website allowing pet owners to choose convenient home delivery or curbside pickup from their local Chow Hound store.

Chow Hound’s online store will offer virtually all the products of its brick-and-mortar location, including food and supplies for dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles, fish, indoor and wild birds.

“We are thrilled to launch an online shopping platform,” said Brannon Dixon, Chow Hound Pet Supplies CEO. “In addition to our 12 homegrown store locations, pet lovers will now have around-the-clock access to quality pet products while supporting a local business.”

What sets Chow Hound apart from national chains, Dixon said, is the company is using its local team to make prompt home deliveries.

“Many of our customers have complained about how long it takes to get shipments from far-off warehouses when they order from other online services,” Dixon said. “Not only do we offer faster local delivery and pickup, but we have stores right in their neighborhood if there’s ever a problem.”

Chow Hound also is offering an auto-delivery option. Auto-delivery allows pet owners to have supplies delivered on a schedule they choose.

By enrolling in auto-delivery, customers can save 35% on their first order and 5% on all subsequent deliveries.

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