Terrapin begins recreational marijuana distribution in Michigan

Courtesy Terrapin

Michigan residents will now be able to purchase Terrapin’s Grand Rapids-grown cannabis for recreational use in more than 50 dispensaries across the state.

The Colorado-based company opened a 35,000-square-foot medical marijuana production facility in Grand Rapids in June, bringing 39 jobs and a community impact plan to the city, and has since been distributing cannabis products for medical use.

Being awarded a recreational license allows Terrapin to start distributing to an expanded consumer base.

“I am excited that my hometown of Grand Rapids has led the state in developing an adult use ordinance — the commission listened to voters and put this into action,” said Ashley Rheingold, Terrapin director of compliance. “Years ago, as a student at EGR, I wrote a speech about why marijuana should be legalized. Now to see that vision come alive and to be operating in the cannabis industry with integrity and in service to my community is especially meaningful.”

Among the products now available for adult use is the company’s flagship product: TerraPins. These child-safe packages of pre-rolls are well suited for individual use rather than sharing. The product design aligns with Terrapin’s recent “puff, puff — don’t pass” campaign, which encourages users to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by refraining from passing around cannabis products and devices to one another.

Matthew Gamalski, director of operations for the Grand Rapids grow operation, said he expects the addition of recreational distribution to have an exponential impact on the facility he manages.

“I think we’ll be creating a lot more jobs in Grand Rapids in the near future. The market here is definitely able to support more growth,” Gamalski said.

Terrapin launched in Grand Rapids with a social equity job fair hosted by The Color of Cannabis, which resulted in nearly 25% diversity in hiring. Terrapin also partnered with Kids’ Food Basket and MomsBloom to advance community impact plans.

“It’s exciting to see our progression in Michigan take off so quickly,” said Chris Woods, founder and CEO of Terrapin. “With growth, though, comes responsibility. We will remain committed to our local partners and workers in Grand Rapids while bringing our products to consumers across the entire state. We’re excited to grow with the entire community and allow our local roots to flourish.”

Terrapin also has plans in the near future to release a line of concentrates called Double Bear, which will generate more jobs in Grand Rapids.

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