Retailer opens distribution center


The appliance and electronics retailer Bekins operates a distribution and service center in Coopersville. Courtesy Bekins

A growing appliance and electronics retailer has opened a distribution and service center to meet demand and centralize those operations in the region.

Bekins said yesterday that it has opened the 36,000-square-foot center in Coopersville, between its Grand Rapids and Grand Haven showrooms, at 590 O’Malley Dr.

The company also offers appliance and electronics repair services.

“Our techs can come in, get what they need and get out on the road in under 15 minutes,” said Scott Bekins, owner, Bekins.

Construction on the center began last September and concluded last month.

Tailored Building Systems served as the project’s architect and contractor.

“Brain trust”

The center has created about 10 jobs for Bekins, and 48 employees work at the site, making it Bekins’ largest workforce location. The company has 88 employees.

“We now have a home base for our greatest resource: our people,” Bekins said.

He added that the company’s talented “brain trust” can “work out of a facility that’s as high caliber as they are.”

The space will support programmers, designers, project managers, repair technicians, installers, support people and directors.


Bekins’ need for the distribution center, its first, is also part of its growth spurt.

The company said it has experienced a 60-percent sales increase since opening its store in Grand Rapids and an additional space was needed to meet the demand.

The growth has led the company to add 46 employees since 2010, with another 15 positions currently open.


The center has also helped the company run a green operation.

The company recycles up to 90 percent of packing material and 100 percent of old appliances.

New store

This fall, Bekins said that it plans to open another store in Grand Rapids that will focus exclusively on electronics.

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