Retailer reports $400M in digital-coupon redemptions


Grand Rapids-based Meijer, founded in 1934, is a chain of more than 220 superstores that each feature more than 40 departments, including grocery. Photo via

A retailer has reported that millions of its customers have "clipped" and redeemed more than $400 million in digital coupons over the last five years.

The digital savings and rewards program mPerks by Grand Rapids-based Meijer is growing up.

Since its 2010 launch, the program has registered 4 million members who have clipped more than 1 billion digital coupons, saving more than $400 million, Meijer said last month.

This year, the program set a new company record with $100 million in savings.

Not bad for only being five.

“It's great to see how much mPerks has grown over the past five years to provide our customers with a digital resource that personalizes their shopping experience and maximizes their savings in a huge way,” said Michael Ross, VP of digital shopping and customer marketing, Meijer. “We're dedicated to using technology that improves and expands their shopping experience.”

The program was launched as a digital-coupon program that could save customers clipping and checkout-register time, but it soon evolved into a multi-faceted rewards program.

“The popularity of digital coupons and shopping apps is at an all-time high as price-conscious shoppers are realizing how much their iPads, tablets and mobile phones can be used as a tool to help stretch family budgets,” Ross said. “We’re especially proud that so many of our customers are taking advantage of the time- and money-saving resources we offer and continue to enhance.”

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