Ride-booking app rolls out new feature for market


The mobile ride-booking app Uber was founded in 2009. Photo via fb.com

A ride-booking app is adding a “top-requested” feature to its Grand Rapids service.

Uber users can now schedule rides up to 30 days in advance.

The on-demand ride service said its scheduled service provides “extra assurance” that a ride will be available when needed.

Uber said the new service is a result of customer demand, particularly from business travelers.

“We’ve heard from our riders that sometimes they want to arrange a pickup in advance, so they can rest assured that an Uber will be available when they need it, even if it’s for a 4 a.m. ride to the airport,” Uber said.

The company said the service was rolled out earlier this summer in “top business travel cities.”

Scheduling a ride

In the app, select uberX and tap “Schedule a Ride.”

Set the pickup date, time, location and destination.

Confirm the details of the upcoming trip and tap “Schedule uberX.” Users can cancel any time before their ride is on the way.

Uber will send users reminders both 24 hours and 30 minutes in advance of pickup.

Users will also be notified once the ride is on the way, as well as whether surge pricing applies.

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