Shopping app concentrates growth


The Ozmott mobile shopping app presents users with location-based deals at local retailers. Photo via

A mobile shopping app is fanning across Grand Rapids.

Ozmott allows users to earn redeemable “Pips,” or credits, unlocking offers on luxury items at Ozmott-registered stores.

The free app was created to fill a gap between brick-and-mortar retail and digital shopping.

The app started in Traverse City and launched in the spring. It is available on Android and Apple devices and has signed up about 5,000 local and national retailers and service-based businesses.

Ozmott, a combination of the words osmosis and kismet, said it is officially settling in the Grand Rapids market and has grown its number of merchants and users here.

“We have over 125 merchants locations in the Grand Rapids area,” said Matthew Lapham, Ozmott director of business development. “We have 10,000 people in the area using the app.”

The Grand Rapids market is where the app has its most-concentrated number of merchants, Lapham said.

“We’ve been seen a consistent increase in the number of redemptions overall, but it’s still a little early,” Lapham said. “A lot of these merchants only came on in the past couple weeks. But in the Grand Rapids area, we’ve certainly seen an increase.”

The app’s roster of registered merchants in the region is diverse and includes Quiznos, which the company recently added, Lapham said.

“Local business has a strong focus in Grand Rapids,” Lapham said. “It’s exciting to provide an enterprise-type product like Ozmott to the local businesses.” 

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