Sip Organic Juice Bar moves into Eastown


Grand Rapids-based Sip Organic Juice Bar uses organic, local and plant-based ingredients. Photo via

Sip Organic Juice Bar plans to open up shop in Eastown.

The organic health bar, at 6770 28th St. SE in Grand Rapids, will "proudly be in Eastown" adjacent to Uptown Kitchen and behind Wolfgang’s, at 423 Norwood Ave. SE, according to its Facebook page.

The juice bar anticipates opening in Eastown on June 1.

Community support

The juice bar's post on the new location has already received hundreds of likes.

Sip Organic Juice Bar Owner Jennifer Pohlman said she's extremely grateful for the support of the community, which she hopes will be better served with a new location closer to Grand Rapids.

“People were asking over and over, even before I opened the first location, if I had plans to ever open a location closer to Grand Rapids,” she said. “The city is more metropolitan than it’s ever been, and people want stuff closer to their neighborhoods.”

The Eastown space

The new space has about 1,200 square feet, 600 of which will be retail juice bar space, Pohlman said, offering seating for about 20 people at a time.

About five new staff hires are expected. Minor renovations are needed, as the space is being sub leased from Uptown Kitchen, she said, with Sip taking over May 1.

“Uptown Kitchen has two spaces: Their commercial kitchen space they’re keeping open and operating. Their dining room space is the space I’m taking over,” Pohlman said. “I’m super excited about expanding. We’re thrilled about being in the Eastown neighborhood.”

The menu will be similar to the original location, but Pohlman said she's planning to expand the food menu.

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More expansion

Sip also is looking to possibly expand into either the Lansing or Traverse City markets, she said, but the first priority was to open this second store in Grand Rapids.

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