Skincare company brews beer-based soap


The Filthy Scoundrel Beer Soap bar is made with Dirty Bastard beer by Founders Brewing Co. Photo via

A local maker of skincare products is rolling out soap bars made with beer from a brewery in town.

Grand Rapids-based Serene Body Essentials makes its Filthy Scoundrel Beer Soap with Dirty Bastard, the scotch ale by Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids.

Full-size bars of Filthy Scoundrel Beer Soap weigh about four ounces and retail for $6.

“Grand Rapids is known as Beer City, U.S.A., so we sort of felt it was incumbent on us to create a beer-based soap that would represent the local scene,” said Jennifer Knapp, founder, Serene Body Essentials.

Knapp added that “with lots of suds and plenty of moisturizing," the bar can be a gift for "skincare and beer enthusiasts, male or female.”

Serene Body Essentials

Founded in 2012, Serene Body Essentials began as a response to Knapp’s allergies to aluminum. Her research into the topic led to her creating an aluminum-free deodorant and a range of other products to replace chemical-laden ones.

Serene Body Essentials sells bath, body and skincare products using only ingredients that can be found in the kitchen, garden or home.

Knapp participates in local farmers and artisan markets, and the company's products can be purchased at several local boutiques and natural food stores, in addition to its website.

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