Social center opens off 28th Street


The Mixx in Kentwood says it’s a destination for “urban social programming." Photo via

There’s a new rentable venue near 28th Street that offers space for just about anything a diverse community needs.

The Mixx

The Mixx in Grand Rapids is a community and social center that opened this month, at 2897 Radcliff Ave. SE.

The Mixx describes itself as a place to launch entrepreneurs, attend community programs and events and be entertained.

The venue is designed for a range of events and programming: professional gatherings, professional development, finance classes, health education, group fitness, life coaching, live music, spoken word and religious meetings, according to its website.

For instance, The Mixx says it offers Zumba classes and poetry jams, and it plans to offer line dancing and ballroom classes.

The Mixx features multiple LCD screens, as well as a lounge and a lecture space

"Urban programming"

“The Mixx is here to serve the ever-growing diverse community of Grand Rapids and surrounding areas,” The Mixx says.

“By supporting our endeavors . . . urban programming can continue to shape our community.”


As part of its grand opening, the space can be rented for $100.

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