Society names company Metalcaster of the Year


Eagle Alloy is a shell-mold foundry in Muskegon pouring various grades of carbon and stainless steels. Photo via

A national society has named a company in the region Metalcaster of the Year for its commitment to corporate responsibility and its employees’ health.

Eagle Alloy in Muskegon, which is one of four companies in the Eagle Group, received the national honor from the American Foundry Society due to the launch of an on-site medical clinic this year that provides medical care to the company’s more than 450 employees.

The clinic, which opened in January, was opened in partnership with two other Muskegon businesses, Fleet Engineering and Port City Group, which operate a second clinic in the city.

The goal of the clinic is to “improve employee health and control health care costs.”

Cutting health care costs

As part of its recognition, Eagle Alloy and its clinic were profiled in the trade publication Modern Casting by the American Foundry Society.

The clinic builds on Eagle Alloy’s decade-old wellness program, which has provided health risk assessments, consultations with health coaches and regular biometric testing to employees, according to Modern Casting.

The investment to bring the clinic to fruition was $80,000.

“With the clinic, we wanted to ease health care for our employees and covered family members. We want it to be convenient,” John Workman, co-owner of Eagle Alloy, says in Modern Casting.

Two physician’s assistants, a nurse practitioner and medical director staff the clinic, which is open 16 hours a week. Employees also have access to the Fleetwood Engineering and Port City Group clinic, which is operated 20 hours a week.

Employees visit the clinic for free, and the company pays a fixed cost for the clinic.

Eagle Alloy is seeing a return on its investment in the form of lower health care costs.

The Kaiser Family Foundation, a health care analyst, reported that “during the most recent plan year, costs per employee per month for Eagle Alloy and its group were 30 percent less than the average manufacturing employer in the U.S.,” Modern Casting says.

Additional corporate responsibility

Eagle Alloy has also been involved in a number of educational events and charitable causes in the Muskegon area.

Its past achievements in the area of corporate social responsibility include playing a role in developing Western Michigan’s Resource Recovery Corp. in the early 1990s, and a decade later, the company found a way to reduce natural gas consumption by using methane from a nearby landfill for heat-treating furnaces.

Evaluated categories

Metalcaster of the Year winners are selected based on excelling in any of the following categories: plant and equipment engineering; business performance, casting conversions; innovative casting methods; quality improvement; waste reduction; environmental initiatives; safety and health; and training.

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