Software maker develops 91 jobs


SalesPad in Grand Rapids develops software that provides “advanced sales experiences and improved customer service interfaces” to small- and medium-size businesses. Photo via

A local software maker is planning to expand its space and hire 91 people to keep up with product demand.

SalesPad, a Grand Rapids-based software maker, has received $364,000 in performance-based funding from the state of Michigan to support the company’s plans to invest $3.85 million in its Grand Rapids Township location and create the jobs.

The project

Due to the company’s growth and expansion in the software market, SalesPad is adding 91 new positions to its current workforce of 110.

Pete Eardley, CEO at SalesPad, said the company needs innovative, creative, tech-savvy software developers and support specialists to keep up with the growth.

“We also need more space to put those talented people,” said Eardley.


Matt Williams, president of SalesPad, said the company needs tech talent in order to expand.

“We honestly believe in the people, work ethic, and resources found in West Michigan,” said Williams. “We’re committed to expanding and doing things right here in Grand Rapids.”

To support the local Grand Rapids-grown software firm, The Right Place Inc. helped SalesPad secure a $364,000 Michigan Strategic Fund performance-based grant through the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

Thad Rieder, senior business development manager at The Right Place and project lead for the SalesPad expansion project, said West Michigan’s high-tech community continues to grow and SalesPad is a part of that growth story.

“We firmly believe that our region’s strong work ethic, culture and innovativeness are what retains and attracts companies like SalesPad to West Michigan,” said Rieder.


Since 2003, SalesPad has created software solutions for businesses with a focus on increasing business productivity and efficiency. The firm, which is located at 3200 Eagle Park Drive, provides a number of add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intuit QuickBooks Online software, and offers customized, easy-to-use solutions for clients.

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