Southwest Michigan county ranks ‘Where the jobs are’ in U.S.

Southwest Michigan county ranks ‘Where the jobs are’ in U.S.

A partial view of downtown Kalamazoo’s skyline, including the landmark Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo Center. Photo via

Need a job? Look no farther than Southwest Michigan, according to CNNMoney.

Kalamazoo County ranks No. 21 on CNNMoney’s 25-county breakdown of “Where the jobs are.”

“Upjohn Company may have put Kalamazoo on the corporate map, but a diverse team of local scientists, entrepreneurs and economic developers are keeping it there,” the CNNMoney post reads.

CNNMoney says Kalamazoo County’s 9 percent job growth between 2010-2012 is partly due to the strong connections being forged between Western Michigan University’s engineering complex and the county’s Business Technology and Research Park.

Top 5 U.S. counties “Where the jobs are”
County % job growth 2010-2012
1. Columbia County, Ga 14.1
2. Rockwall County, Texas 13
3. Falls Church, Va. 12.6 
4. Guadalupe County, Texas 12.2 
5. St. Johns County, Fla. 12.1 





Source: CNNMoney, 2013

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